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June 15, 2022


One of the questions I get asked most often is: “Is social media still worth using to increase business?” My answer is always an enthusiastic and rousing “YES!”

While our country went through a period of seeing social media leveraged for divisive and inflammatory content, I believe we have let the waters recede to normal levels. It is perfectly safe to return to swimming and navigating the social media channels. Here is why you should use social media for increasing your business in 2022.

  1. Develop Leads
    One can always promote products and sales events and doing so does have a place on social media on a limited basis. However, leads take root when you post efficient content such as videos, industry news, and sharing some of the current trends within your customer demographics. The more you relate to your customers on a humanistic level, the more they begin to trust your company as someone with whom they wish to conduct business.
  2. Build Brand Awareness
    What is your company story? Does it communicate the people of the company and how they relate to customers with a unified approach? Brand awareness is more than simply regurgitating product images and tag lines. Employee tales are the strongest vessels for brand awareness. The consumer relates to the rank and file employee stories. It is from these stories that the employees, and subsequently the employee’s followers, can expand your brand awareness on an exponential scale.
  3. Listen to Your Customers
    Social Media is a stellar vehicle for learning what your customers need and how they feel about your products and service. This is probably the most valuable tool in your arsenal for being able to evolve and not fall prey to corporate hubris. Encourage your followers to leave feedback. Respond promptly and be prepared to read the feedback that may be hard to accept. It’s how we grow as businesses by being able to receive commentary objectively. Transversely, if someone on your team is receiving stellar reviews, reward them for a job well done!
  4. Organic vs. Paid Ads
    One of the strongest benefits of Social Media is the ability to track the metrics of what happens when you post organically to your followers as opposed to paying for ads to audiences you may not have considered or knew existed.

One of the things you depend on for Social Media is that it is incredibly fluid. Keeping a finger on the pulse of your Social Media feeds is vital to making certain your business remains in the forefront of exactly what customers want from your company. And if you listen to the customers, the sales and loyalty are sure to follow.